About Us

Company History


The  Ocean Cliff Corporation was founded by G. Gregory White in 1984 and was  incorporated in 1991. The company's mission is the production of  quality seafood flavors.

A  new headquarters and  food grade processing plant was completed in 2000 in New Bedford,  Massachusetts USA. This plant occupies 20,000 sq ft with many proprietary features. The plant's process equipment is custom designed to handle perishable raw  materials quickly and efficiently. It is capable of producing more than 1  million lbs per year of the company's flagship product, Clam 1000 . Ocean Cliff's  production facility is in full compliance with the FDA requirements for  food processing and is continuously monitored by third party auditors  such as AIB. The company also works to HACCP standards and is very focused on quality. Our processing equipment was developed in  accordance with very exacting standards and all raw materials and  products are subjected to rigorous bacterial testing procedures. 

U.S. Certifications


US FDA Inspected

FDA Registration # 11458502662


Certified by US Dept of Commerce/NOAA

 Ocean Cliff complies with all US regulations 

International Certifications


British Retail Council (BRC)

AA Rated by the BRC.  The leader in worldwide food standards.


CNCA Registered

Ocean Cliff is registered to do business in the People's Republic of China