Our Products-Liquid Concentrate


Clam 1000

 Clam 1000  is a premium low salt concentrated clam broth, high in flavor  performance and containing only 1%- 3% salt, depending on the season.  Other concentrates on the market have a much higher salt content of up to  20%.  Ocean Cliff uses a unique process to extract clam flavor from clam meat and  this provides a major product advantage of intense flavor when compared  with more conventional production from high salt clam drippings.  Clam 1000 therefore offers food manufacturers the ability to intensify clam flavor without significantly raising salt content.  Ocean Cliff also offers a higher salt clam broth positioned to compete with  the standard broths in the marketplace, while still offering an enhanced clam flavor in the product.

Crab 5020 and 5035

 Crab 5020 flavor is carefully extracted from the fresh meat of the Maryland Blue crab (callinectes sapidus) and the Jonah crab (cancer irroratus) by a proprietary process to faithfully retainthe delicate flavor of these tasty crabs. This product can be used in a myriad of recipes to provide an extremely good crab flavor.

 Crab 5035 is the liquid fraction of the water solution in which the Blue crab or Red crab was cooked. This flavorful solution is concentrated to about 35% dissolved solids to yield a strong crab flavor. This product can be used in soups and sauces. An excellent flavoring for surimi.

Fish 4000

 Fish 4000 is derived from the cold water North Atlantic herring (clupea harengula). The catch is quick frozen at sea within minutes of being brought aboard the vessel. This guarantees an extremely fresh product. This is considered by experts to be the best fish flavor available on the market with better flavor notes than is found in other preparations. If you are looking for an authentic fish flavor, try this product.

Lobster 3030


Lobster 3030 is extracted from North Atlantic lobsters, (Homarus Americanus). Lobster is considered to be one of the finest flavors by gourmets worldwide. This product is concentrated in a vacuum and under low temperature to preserve its fresh flavor. It is supplied flash frozen to minus ten degrees to keep the product fresh and tasty.

Shrimp 6000

 Shrimp 6000 uses a blend of Penaeus shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico, which have been blast frozen to preserve freshness.  It arrives frozen at our plant in New Bedford where the flavor is extracted by our special proprietary method and then concentrated under a strong vacuum. These methods maintain the flavor exactly as shrimp flavor sould be.

Custom Blends

 We  are happy to work with you to prepare your own unique taste, mixing a  special blend of flavors to your liking. We specialize in custom batch  sizing to simplify your production. Ask for details. 

Atlantic Salmon

Salmon 7000

Salmon 7000 is our newest flavoring.  Produced from Atlantic salmon sourced from Canada and processed at our plant in the USA.

Salmon Oil 7200

Our Salmon product in oil form

Our Products-Powdered Versions


Clam 1100

Crab 5100

Fish 4100

Lobster 3100

Shrimp 6100